A Servant of Time by JD Daley

A Servant of Time by JD Daley

I wake

Not knowing where I am

Saying. why am I here

What have I done wrong

as I went outside

the day as come


The wind is the moods imagination

wonders, searching through the grass

runs through the seas, blows through the trees

My love is my souls imagination

but how do I love



Tomorrow is another day

but today you’re here

and as I time draws near

then, comes the fear


Who is punishing my for this

I did it, but I don’t feel guilty


Looking for the magical doors

looking for the way out

this way is not my destiny

this world is not for me

the magical doors is my way out


Where is my soul

where is my love

the parole officer seem to question in a silent breath


It seems the time is near

the judges draw near

ready to announce the prisoners fear


‘you will be sent free tomorrow afternoon and I’ll be there” his lawyer said


Pow pow all day

doing what they want you to do

Pow, giving into time


Who are they

They are the future

“our children are the future”

what is the future

Time is the future


When I get out I’ll make sure that my children

the future, don’t get trapped in time

unjust time

I’ll make sure that they don’t serve time


‘You are too late’

they are already caught up in time

No! They can’t be

they are the future

I need more time

I need more time

Please let me save the future


I heard the cries of the future

as my children gave into time

pow pow pow, all day

my children

my children

where are my children

‘they have been lost in time

where are my children

‘serving time’


there is no point now

I have failed

my future

my children

failed because of time

-A dub by J.D. Daley

The first poem I ever wrote at the age of fourteen inspired by Saul Williams Poetry





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