Nalini Singh Slave to Sensation review

There is a lot to be said about paranormal romance, Singh has mastered the art of creating possibly one of the best world builds that ever made it to print. The book is easily one of the best I have every read and I have read hundreds.  So I will tell you why.

The psy/changeling world that was developed was so detailed and draws on the imagination. The fact that this paranormal shifter world mixed with psy mental capabilities is not new to us yet Singh was able to create in our minds an original backdrop into their world and do it so gracefully is mind blowing. You have to understand that because we have seen things like these playing out on our television sets it is not easy for a writer to supercede that ingrained image of what we already imagine this world to be, yet she did just that.

There was true chemistry between Sasha and Lucas. The kind that you only dream about and funny enough Sasha, a psy who should be devoid of emotions did just that, dream, or so she thought. The book didn’t have to play at romance, you were carried on an albeit slow journey, it was one worth taking. The story of unlikely love as in romeo and juliet couldn’t have been more perfect if Shakespeare wrote it himself. And you have no problem falling in love with each character, even the supporting cast.

The plot is well developed and genious in areas. I appreciate the fact that even though it is a romance novel it didn’t just take us straight to boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy takes girl to bed and live happily ever after. The is a real story being told, and you get to see how everything ties into each other from beginning to end. Even if you are not a lover of the science fiction this book will pull you in like magnet to steel.

The one thing am just a tad bit skeptical of is the fact that most all the paranormal books with shifters there is this only one mate for life scenario that can get old, lets be honest while am sure 90% of women in today’s world would welcome that, it isn’t realistic but hey, what are fictions for if not to life vicariously through them.

Excerpt :

Lucas slept deeply after the exertion of a run that had left even Clay exhausted. He’d expected only darkness but the most exquisite pleasure welcomed him into his dreams.


Slender fingers traveled down his front as he lay sprawled on his back, exploring him so carefully that he felt owned. No woman had ever come close to owning Lucas Hunter, but in this dreamworld he allowed her to play. After endless moments, the fingers stopped their stroking and he felt the brush of wet heat against his nipple. His dream-lover was taking her time licking circles around it, arousing him to fever pitch. Opening his eyes, he tangled a hand in the silky curls cascading over his chest.

Her head rose and night-sky eyes met his.


He wasn’t surprised. The panther in him had found Sascha Duncan enticing from the start and in this dreamworld, it was okay to let that fascination free, to indulge his feline curiosity about this most unusual woman. Here there was no possibility of war and she was no longer an emissary of the enemy.

“What do you think you’re doing, kitten?” He let his gaze wander over the dark honey of her bare skin.


Those eyes widened in shock. “This is my dream.”


He chuckled. Even in his dreams, she was as willful as she was in life. He’d begun to suspect that not everything was efficiency with Sascha. No, sometimes she just liked sharpening her claws on him. “I’m at your mercy.”


She made an annoyed sound and sat up on her knees. “Why are you talking?”


He folded his arms behind his head, delighted by the sight of her lush breasts displayed so beautifully for him. He liked this dream. Even the panther was pleased. “Don’t you want me to?” He made it a temptation.


“Well…” She frowned. “The whole point is to taste you… I guess you’d never be silent in bed.”

“You’re right.” He watched her watch him. Her eyes held such pure heat that he felt branded. The alpha in him wanted to reach out and tangle his fingers in the shadowed triangle of curls exposed by her kneeling position, but he was wary of shattering this strange dream.


“Can I?” She ran her fingers along the markings on his face, her lower lip caught between her teeth. “Do you feel my touch?”


He wanted to bite down on that sexy mouth she was teasing him with. “Every stroke.” The markings were highly sensitive and he was very, very choosy about who he let touch them.


“I’ve been wanting to stroke them since we first met.” With a sigh, she leaned down to place a row of kisses along the jagged lines. The deep rumble of his purr seemed to startle her but it wasn’t a bad kind of startlement—he felt her nipples harden against his chest. After exploring his face to her satisfaction, she sat back up, raking her nails gently down his chest.

“Harder, kitten. I won’t break.”

No more for you, go read the book.



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