Awkward By J.D. Daley (Part 1)

Hi guys

This is the first in one of my novel projects am working on that I will share with you. I decided that this will have an online blog release as oppose to my other projects.

Hope you enjoy!





It started the day I was forced to change classes at the beginning of eight grade, as if making friends in the first year of high school wasn’t hard enough with the one awkward kid on the seventh grade block. Not that much had changed since then.

My hair was a thick mess struggling to keep it together with a dying scroungy saying last wishes to my ponytail, though my hair was fairly long but lacked fin ace. My clothes were always a size too big or is it that I am a size too small I don’t know and I still had this Hugh truck on my back hauling with me everywhere I went, hunched over like the hunched back of Notre dame and filled with books for every period as if the semblance of a locker system was too good for this farce of an high school.

On the plus size I did manage to make friends with Madeline and Paige both slightly much better than myself in the awkward department. Though Paige was the lucky one not to be bumped out of the group of misfits of which I am now accustomed to and now shoved into a new environment. I held unto the only hand I knew waiting our turn in line outside the classroom door to which will be our new base.

For some reason we just had to be placed on spotlight and announce to the room individually like a debutante ball for girls going into womanhood so that our new classmate could get acquainted with fresh meat and my mind wondered off to a pride of lions salivating over a fresh kill, I shivered inwardly.

I would much rather picture myself a sophisticated aristocrats daughter in pearls jewelry to die for, with my hair reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour with bright red lips in a flowing white princes ball gown dancing with my prince charming ‘ah…if only’, sadly that reality is as grim.

Madeline was ahead of me and I heard her name called by our new class teacher Mrs. theacher. I laughed inwardly at the irony ‘teacher, theacher, oh how I crack myself up sometimes’.

She looked back at me with dread and a hint of skiddishness on her face

and muttered “yikes!”

and my only words to her was a soft encouragement of a bellboys echo to usher her in “madam”.

As Madeline let go of my hands and step through the classroom doors I felt a grave lost as I looked down at my hands still slightly extended and tingling from the lost of warmth as the cool fall breeze swept around  and had to close and drop them with some hope of saving something that I knew not of in the moment.

I looked back up to search for her heading to Mrs. Theacher’s desk. Puzzled at the sudden shift in the pit of my stomach, that’s when I saw him on the other side of the room. Our eyes connected and it was as if I were being pulled in like a magnet to steel, my center of gravity rearranged as I caught myself slumming to the door jamb that managed to hold me as my world spun on an axis I didn’t even know existed.

Those eyes…bright beautiful hazel eyes that saw into my soul and read every chapter of my life, sucked me into a void that only us existed in and of course that whimpering poppy I heard somewhere in the back of my head, surely that wasn’t me!

I traveled down his face and beheld the most wonderful full lips on perfect caramel skin, he was carved out by the Gods high cheeks, rough hair, tall, dark and handsome!

If ever I heard those words again I would now know what they meant. Lost in a trans I imagined I morphed into pink ninja ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, atop the schools roof top in search of my prince to be rescued when I found he evil Rita Repulsa with her wicked clutches on hazel eyes, I am force to defend my love with wicked ninja moves and rescues hazel eyes by teleporting him in my arms to our secret garden of love and just as he was about to kiss me for my prowess…

I heard my name being yelled by Mrs. Theacher and Madeline who looked as confused as I felt being jolted from my fantasy.

I looked in search again for hazel eyes and found him with a smirk that pulled up those gorgeous lips and had to force myself to look away as I held my head down, making my way inside.

I was mortified at how long I was there swooning after some guy. Some beautiful piece of specimen, then it dawned on me just as I was about to reach Mrs. Theachers desk ‘oh God what if he was watching me this whole time? what if he knew that he was the black ranger to my pink and that I saved him and he feel in love with me forever and ever.

Jeez what if he thought I was a nut job? and that smirk was him laughing at me. ground please please please open up and swallow me..

I stopped beside the teachers desk and couldn’t make out a word she was saying as I faced the room, eyes averting the ones I need the most and as if on autopilot I knew when to step away and tried to find a dark corner to hide.


Stay toned for more excerpt from Awkward in the coming weeks….


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