Jamaican Cuisine

I want to take you on a journey. A journey that I realize I should have taken you on of the history of the Jamaican Cuisine. Some of which I will introduce you to in detail in other articles.

The Jamaican cuisine involves a mixture of flavors, spices and cooking techniques known to Jamaicans and those who may have come across a Jamaican or two. As is our motto “out of many, one people”, our cuisine is much the same. With influences from the indigenous Arawak’s, the Spaniards, British, Africans, Indians and the Chinese that gives our dishes that fusion elegance.

Most of the techniques and traditions are born from different cultures brought to Jamaica along with those that are native to Jamaica and boast most of our locally grown produce. Popular know Jamaican dishes include our national dish ackee and saltfish, plantains wither green or ripe fried. Rice and peas, curried goat and if it’s meat you can jerk it, such as our jerk chicken and jerk pork.

Now the Jamaican cuisine cannot be without the Rastafarian influences. Rastafarians have a vegetarian approach to preparing their meals with a strong inclination to stay away from food additives such as salt and sugar. If you should ask a Rastafarian what he/she eats they would tell you “ital. food”.

There are so many others I could mention but I will leave you with some fun facts until next time.

Fun facts of how different cultures influenced to Jamaican Cuisine:

Spanish – Escovitched fish

Cantonese – Jamaican patty

East Indians – Curry/roti

Chinese – Stir fried rice/Chinese sauce

Africans – Cassava/Porridge and many more

Some Jamaica favorite desserts are;

Potato pudding

Grater cake


Coconut drops

Plantain tarts


Blue drawers


And many more


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