The Jamaican escallion or scallion as affectionately called by most Jamaicans is a fundamental plant that is widely used in Jamaican cuisine to give its distinctive flavor.


Scallion also known as spring onions, green shallot and onion sticks have a milder flavor. If you grow up in Jamaica then you know that it is used in almost every dish, from sandwiches, raw on top of salads, soups, seafood, white and red meat and you simply cannot cook rice and peas with seasoning your pot with crushed scallion.

It is grown throughout the country but particularly St. Elizabeth the home of the islands food production. There is a certain unique flavor, zest and potency that the local grown Jamaican scallion exudes in the dishes. A regular trip to the market on Saturdays and you will find it in everyone’s grocery bags because there is a thinking that your food as not seasoning or taste if you don’t have at least scallion in it. It as become the go to seasoning for every Jamaican and trust when I say that if a girl is entertaining with food in the mix her meals best have some scallion in it or she will never live down the rumors of her less than flavorful disaster of a meal. It is used in everything from soups, stews, curries and rice and peas among others.

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New tricks; did you know that if you burned rice all you have to do to get rid of that burn smell is to stick a piece of scallion in the middle of the pot to draw the scent.

Some of the other benefits include:

Relief of cold and flu symptoms

Clearing nasal congestion

Disperse skin sores and abscesses

Common cold


Storage Tips:

Remove rubber bands from the bunches, all that togetherness promotes rotting.

Refrigerate in a plastic bag for up to 5 days.

Store away from odor-absorbing foods

Some forks like to chop it up and freeze it in a plastic bag but personally I hate that because it loses its potency and is a bit rubbery when cooked.


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