Making Peace with your Reflection

Our Desire to Be Beautiful

We all desire to be beautiful. This desire is good and was put there by the creator of beauty, God. As women we all long to be beautiful. We ask those around us, “Am I beautiful?”. We even ask people on Instagram and Facebook, “Do you think I’m beautiful?”. We are asking the right question, but to the wrong crowd. There is only one person whose opinion that matters and He is the one who created you and made you beautiful – God!

Yet, we still search for approval and satisfaction from other sinful, imperfect people who will always let us down. This is because we are also sinful and imperfect. We often forget how loved we are and how beautiful God has made us. This is because we have an enemy. We let the lies of Satan sneak into our thoughts and tell us we are ugly, worthless, fat, and unlovable.

Real beauty begins with God; therefore, something becomes beautiful when it has the fingerprints of God on it. Think of how gorgeous a sunset is, or a field of flowers. Or when you look at the ocean or a scene of white-capped mountains towering over you. Those things exceptionally beautiful!

Now, think about the fact that God made these things by simply breathing them into life, but how He took special time to CREATE you! Everything that God has created is beautiful, but He created one thing more beautiful than everything else and that is YOU! People are God’s masterpieces. He took time to create you EXACTLY the way He wanted. He didn’t mess up or regret creating you. You are perfect just the way you are.

We long to be wanted, beautiful, loved. But we are often looking to the wrong places for these things. As long as you turn to people for your satisfaction in life you will always be disappointed. The only way for us to truly be content with who we are is when we turn to God for our satisfaction in life. Who better to ask if we are beautiful than the author and creator of beauty?

Think about it: Who are you going to ask today if you are beautiful? Are you going to choose to ask the world, or are you going to choose to ask God?

Verses for further reflection: Psalm 27:4 John 10:10 John 8:32

Credits: Megan Shook Alpha @ Bibleapp


One thought on “Making Peace with your Reflection

  1. Well said. I enjoy reading it. People need to reach to a place where they see themself as beautiful. The bible says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We just need to have faith and believe in God’s word.


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