The Facebook Curse

I am really getting sick and disgusted of Facebook these days. As we become more modernized and fast forward into an internet driven world. I have come to question if with this evolution mankind as lost its humanity.

I grew up in a world where yes certain crimes where hidden from the world and to an extend you have to wonder how much we have changed, or if we have changed at all. as the saying goes ‘the more things change the more they remain the same’. Instead of being hidden now they are being exposed but to whom? My newsfeed is flooded with sick videos that turn the stomach and angers the spirit lately.

Surely when you consider some of the videos that are being posted online on Facebook wither they are a representation of who we are as we embrace the evolution of technology. Its must be said that these things have being happening for awhile before we knew what a smartphone was but where do you draw the line.

I have seen videos of crimes against children, of rapes, murders, accidents, suffering and just general violence not just against each other but animals as well. I know there are sociopaths in the world but what does it make us, the persons who with the boom of the internet and smartphones video these tragic events and instead of taking it to the authorities the first thought is to post the video online.

What does it say about us as a society that we sit and videotape a mother brutalizing her infant or a sitter abusing a toddler or a man or woman using all their grown strength to box and kick children most times with multiple witnesses and no one picks up the phone to call the police or lifts a finger to help these children?! Instead we whip out our phones be an observer to these crimes and post it on Facebook for what?! For some people to share and comment oh my God and that’s so cruel?! Who do you think is the more evil of the two, the abuser or the cameraman?

How on earth can we allow the authorities to rely on a video going viral on Facebook to be the source of information. Is this what the internet is about? Who can post the most shocking video to get comments from strangers who themselves do nothing to impact the lives of those being abused around them. We is it the norm to think first of catching it on camera when it should be our first instincts to help, stop the violence, call the cops.

It is not enough anymore to sit behind our computers and watch a women being raped, domestic violence, people being burned alive, horses and other animals being slaughtered and be quietly outraged and naught else but give a sad or angry comment and then we move on to another news-feed and share a few more happier post to try and wash our minds of the horror we just saw and did nothing about.

how does it make us any different from those committing the acts. We are all accessory to the crime! when was the last time you spoke up against a wrong being done, or volunteered to assist at some crisis center.

It makes me weary of the future and what that it represents online when in this day and age we are so far down the rabbit hole and going deeper instead of coming out.

Put your voice to a cause today!! Make the change you want to see happening! Commenting isn’t enough…volunteer today



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