Poison by JD Daley

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My mind turns

With images that burn my heart of things I have experienced

Things I yet experience

Things I self-inflict

Things that I never admit

And things I allow to happen…


My mind burns

With soft petal cries of birds flying by

The chances I never take, the melodies that never breaks

The peace, funnily, I forsake….


My mind cries

I have often wonder why me

Why must I be stagnant?

Reliving the abandonment, wait…. Of what….?

Come to think of it….


My mind screams

Wake up, from these broken dreams

There is a world out there to be seen

A life with mystical dreams if you stop for a minute, ……let’s be real

No ones in my way, …..another minute

I suppose…

I could dispose

Of…. ifs, buts and maybes

Tell you what, even sweeten the gravy, take a step

Oh that feels heavenly

My mind laughs


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