Pre-Teen Academic Homework for Parents (Not Kids)

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Hi beautiful people, its being awhile, hasn’t it? I wanted to address something I often discuss in social circles but haven’t necessarily given a voice to on a larger scale.

You see, prior to having my own children I use to observe those around me in the corporate world who did have children all but pull their hairs out stressed about some assignment that their kids got as homework. I mean, these parents I refer to had kids in private schools, yes with a few in public schools at the kinder-garden (yes, I said kinder-garden) and primary/preparatory level.

The thing is, my coworkers would literally come to work either begging for help or spending time after-work completing homework for their children. Things like, the history of Mary Seacole or some Jamaican Hero/Heroine or more complex work like draw or make a life size form of transportation etc. I never quit understood why schools put some much pressure on the parents because surely they couldn’t expect a four, five or six year old to do all that by themselves. The funny thing is I use to laugh at these parents until I became one. That’s right, I now have to do all of that too. Not to mention at least two text books per day with more than one page to complete and if you are blessed with more than one child like I am, just multiple that work by how many you have.

Now I wonder, why are the schools putting so much pressure on parents? It’s not fair. I am all for parents having a vested interest in their children’s academic life but this pushes the boundaries of ridiculousness. Schools are putting too much pressure on the parents to educate the child. When my kid comes home with two text books per day with four pages each, that’s saying to me they were not taught at school so I have to teach them at home. This past holiday my five year old was sent home with all of six textbooks and guess what, a million pages of homework (I know, I know, dramatic effect!).

The alarming thing is that, if parents become so flustered with the volume of home work, can you image how the children feels? The poor souls have the attention span of a goldfish. Are we propagating the stigma that schools must be dismayed already at this tender stage? Don’t get me started on the pressure we place on our children at the GSAT level. When is it that these children are allowed to be children and parents are allowed to bond with their children outside of pressuring them to complete some mundane assignment that am sure isn’t any more interesting for the teachers to mark themselves.

Are we then missing the purpose of homework? Or is it that I don’t know the purpose. Here I thought it was a system designed to test the children’s knowledge of what was taught for the day or week. If this was the case, why send home the textbooks that they were meant to use in class? And why give complex art assignments to children who can barely write their names straight?

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