J.D Daley was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica and is the youngest child for her parents. She is first a mother and holds a regular nine to five. She is a modern day renaissance woman, who embodies Leon Batista Alberti’s statement that “a man can do all things if he will”. She is creative by nature and enjoys baking, reading and writing.

Throughout her young adult life she had shown a love of literature from her first discovery of romance novels at a tender age of thirteen. She found the way words were used to describe things and people magical and aspired to become an author herself.

Reading over a thousand novels since she has taken that passion to assisting young writers as a substantive/Developmental fiction book editor freelance on fiverr.com

Among her many passions, she founded the Friends Inc Club 2005-2010 that traveled throughout Jamaica, experiencing Jamaican Restaurants and a mixture  of cuisines. Since that adventure She has previously blogged and reviewed numerous Restaurants in Kingston and St. Catherine.

Join me as I explore and hopefully Share some of Life’s beauties, peace and bliss!

Love, JD





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