I See You: A Poetry Collection


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I See You


I see you: A poetry collection by Juliet Daley is a compilation through the eyes of a young dreamer. It consist of twenty poems that speaks to every person young and old of words often left unsaid. It connects to the heart and inspiration of every misunderstood genius that seeks to give voice to their thoughts.

War Cry


War Cry – JD Daley


I am beyond ordinary

I am beyond Measure

I am beyond the tapes that you try to hold me thither


I am made of glory

I am made for more

I am made to walk beyond your boundary’s door


I deserve my chance

I deserve my peace

I deserve more than you can ever dream to keep


My God is the freedom giver

My God is the rock that I stand

My God is not some words you use to fool man


I am free

I have my God’s peace

I will bring glory

He, you…. to your knees


#beyondordinary #beyondmeasure #kingdongoals


Poison by JD Daley

Image result for feed your mind

My mind turns

With images that burn my heart of things I have experienced

Things I yet experience

Things I self-inflict

Things that I never admit

And things I allow to happen…


My mind burns

With soft petal cries of birds flying by

The chances I never take, the melodies that never breaks

The peace, funnily, I forsake….


My mind cries

I have often wonder why me

Why must I be stagnant?

Reliving the abandonment, wait…. Of what….?

Come to think of it….


My mind screams

Wake up, from these broken dreams

There is a world out there to be seen

A life with mystical dreams if you stop for a minute, ……let’s be real

No ones in my way, …..another minute

I suppose…

I could dispose

Of…. ifs, buts and maybes

Tell you what, even sweeten the gravy, take a step

Oh that feels heavenly

My mind laughs

Black Power by JD Daley

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. – Martin Luther King Jr.

What’s wrong with me

that I sit here,


of this life ever slipping beyond my reach

It started on drums

it started with songs

that echoed with the cries of things past

things survived

things tried

and things preached.

See I, sometimes put on cloths

flashy cars

with flashy goals

does it matter

I suppose

But as I smile and run my plans to be the visions Martin Luther penned

I get pulled back with claws that turns dreams into the things that pretenders reap.

we say its over

its no more

we say its gone

its out the door

and then we walk with our heads high

until we turn down streets filled with red

of black children laying there dead

and we remember things our mama said

that we were small

and we were weak

with chains stuck to our feet.

What price was paid…

how do I end the charade of proverbial truths spoken in white suits to claim our palpable freedom.

A call to action.

We brake invisible chains

we declare we are heirs

We stand tall and we stand strong

united as one

with our hands in the air


Black lives matter, we all care



Black Woman by JD Daley

Black Woman

Cry out black woman, cry out

for the pickney you bore

inna this life so feared

Cry out black woman, cry out

for they have spawned a web so steep

Cry out black woman, cry out

for the pain instilled in your life

for you feared death of shame

racism, sexism and pride

Cry out black woman. cry out

for the hungry children on the streets

for the shoes you never wore

for the shame and silence you carried

for the weakness you feel of this world of myths of men

for the agony and disgrace among the human race

that they, threw in your face

Cry out black woman, cry  out

when you feel overwhelmed with sorrow

for a beautiful day comes tomorrow

where the sun takes away the burdens of yester years

elevating yourself

freed with empowerment

where  your independence grow with your smile

and proudest esteems your life

So cry out black woman

there is no shame in it

Cry out for a better land


By JD Daley


Awkward (part 2)

Awkward by JD Daley


I was seated beside Madeline two rows from the back of the class and managed a semi confident smile at her in answer to her questioning look. It didn’t take long for me to sneak a look in the direction Mr. Perfect. He was still facing the front of the room and I silently thanked God for that. I got to fully appreciate the back of his head, who knew that someone could have a perfectly sexy head back I pondered.

“Em Alex, Alex” Madeline whispered

“What” I chided her.

“You are doing it again…Are you ok?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?” I asked

“oh no reason, except that your brain seemed to take a walk to never never land every time you look at him” She scolded with her pencil pointing at my distraction. Not wanting to draw attention I gently hit her hand down and gave her the death look.

One thing to be said about Madeline is that she never misses a thing no matter how inconsequential it may be. That’s when she nodded i the direction of the girl that was giving me the look that says, if looks could killed I would flay your skin from your bones and decimate what remains in the fiery pit of hell! I visible drew back in my seat with a wide eyed shock as she raise her brows, smirked and whipped her hair as she turned to give all her attention to ‘Mr. perfect who might be taken’.

Funny I have seen the wrath of women before but never had I seen any quite take on the images of the big green hulk with scorching eyes, wild claws and steam coming from every pore in her face. Did I break some unspoken rule with one look. I pinned this moment as the one and only moment of utter weakness to never be repeated.

“Yeah, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to imagine what she just did to you in her mind” Madeline said with a laugh.

“I don’t think I could have avoided it” I answered “But let’s not find out” I added.


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